About Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing

Our primary objective is K

To encourage the art of dance.

2003 marked the70th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD). The Society today occupies a unique position amongst the dance societies of the world, catering for all major forms of dance.

The Society is an authoritative examining body whose high standards are internationally respected. All grades of examinations for amateur and professional dancers are conducted under separate syllabi for*:

E Classical Ballet
E Theatrical (Stage) Dance
E Tap Dance
E Modren Jazz

Asian Region Exams Center

Examinations are conducted in all syllabi in the following countries:-

E Singapore
E Malaysia
E Thailand
E India
E Brunei
E China
E The Philippines
E Hong Kong

*C.S.T.D. also provides Highland Dance and Ballroom Dance examination syllabi. Interested parties please contact Hong Kong Dance Federation for more information or click to Australian CSTD website.

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